Who is Dignity Kids? 

Wishing For Mommy is a sponsored fundraiser hosted by Dignity Kids Inc. Both founded by academy owner and ATA instructor Master Michelle Lee. She set a mission to not only help Arizona’s youth become empowered, but also find a way to help the mothers of those children in need.

While building 15 academies across the Phoenix valley, Lee recognized some of her student’s parents have illnesses that affected their ability to continue Tae Kwon Do. This became a problem for the students who were extremely dedicated, but needed help because their parents could not afford the training anymore. For many of these students learning self-defense and setting goals towards earning their black belt was a positive change that significantly impacted their lives and helped keep the family happy. Recognizing that this issue goes further than just her own studios, Lee decided to do something about it; even if it meant reaching out to all the children in Arizona. Michelle Lee believes every student has a fighting chance to make a better future for him or her selves; they just need a little help.

In 2013, Lee created Wishing For Mommy campaign as a fundraiser towards the aid of mothers who are suffering from breast cancer. This campaign runs from September 1st - December 1st. She hopes to accomplishment a goal of over fifty $500 Grants to children between the ages of 3-18.

How does Dignity Kids Inc. fit in with Wishing For Mommy?

Dignity Kids Inc. has over 70 volunteer educators and currently provides interactive learning programs to 18 school districts throughout Maricopa County. Last year Dignity Kids Inc. volunteers collectively taught more than 30,000 children in 18 school districts throughout Maricopa County, and awarded over $60,000 in scholarship money to deserving students. 

Through Dignity Kids Inc., Master Michelle Lee constructed Wishing for Mommy’s campaign so believers can help uplift the inspirations and well being of families suffering from breast cancer. Through donations, classroom presentations, school assemblies and fellow martial arts students, Dignity Kids Inc. promotes the importance of family health and community interaction. Currently, Dignity Kids Inc. is working hard to raise funds through the sales PINK BELTS. These pink belts cost only $20 and are symbolic representing the strongest of those who support breast cancer. Donors are proud to wear their pink belts in classroom, fitness centers, business offices, or simply in public.