Goods or services are just as welcome as monetary donations. If you have a good or service of value that you would like to be given to a family that may benefit from it in their battle or recovery with breast cancer, please fill out the Goods/Services form. 

Goods or Services donations are given in addition to the child's grant. These items are allocated to families based on the description of the child's written wish for their Mommy.

Donate Goods or Services

Company/Organization Wish Sponsorships

Any size company or organization is welcome to sponsor a child's wish grant by donating $500 or more to Wishing for Mommy.

Benefits of Sponsoring a Wish Grant: 

  • Your charitable contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Your logo will be placed on the website as a supporting organization.
  • Your company will be contacted with a notification and published story of the grant you have funded when the fulfillment of the wish has been completed for you to share.
  • By donating to Wishing for Mommy, you are directly helping real people through a real organization- not just through research or awareness efforts. 

A larger donation of $500 or more will cover one child's wish grant. An individual can make this donation anonymously, or can choose to give as an official wish sponsor in which the receiving party will be informed of who their grant was made possible by. 

Sponsor a Child's Wish

Donate and help empower a child to make their wish for Mommy come true. 

A $500 check will be presented to a child who will have written in and made a wish for their Mommy to help her through her battle or recovery with breast cancer. This way, the child can finally feel like they can do something to help.

All general donations go straight to the grant fund to help these families directly. None of it is donated to 'research' or overhead expenses. 

Make a General Donation... $5, $15, $500- everything helps!