Daughter Catherine's wish granted December 2013

Survivor Story Highlight: Kat Ross

"Our wish for our mommy is to help relieve her from the stress that comes from this cancerous disease. As you can imagine, raising three young boys and a teenage daughter who love to play soccer is equal to a very busy life which brings about lots of extra stress. My mom is really the strength of our family, despite everything that she's been through she never seems to give up. ...I just want to give a little back to my mom and I know this money would help. I just want my mommy to feel as amazing as she looks to me..." 

Wish granted: December 2014

Meet Alyssa Lopez, age 17

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Watch this inspiring video about our first grant of the 2014 season as we hear all about the beautiful Limah Williams and her inspirational story about how to overcome even the toughest of obstacles and keep pressing on. 

Thank you to Fox10 for being present on this special morning. 

Wish granted: October 2013

Meet Mikaya, age 14 & M'Tima, age 6

Meet Aaliyah Berry, age 4

Wish granted: Thanksgiving 2014

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Having recently moved from California to Arizona, Mikaya and M'Tima had to leave
​ all of their friends and family behind to start their "new adventure." 

Wishing for Mommy received their nomination for their mommy, Brenda Hamilton after she had been through a double mastectomy AND beat Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Through the move to AZ and the diagnosis just two months later, the girls were bummed that they still had not really finished moving in and decorating.They wished to be able to decorate their mommy's room since she had been spending a lot of time in it. Wishing for Mommy awarded brave Mikaya and sweet little M'Tima a $500 check to make it happen! 

In visiting with the Hamilton family, it was evident that Brenda's 'conqueror' spirit was the same spirit that her two beautiful girls had in writing in to Wishing for Mommy. Best wishes to you, Brenda M'Kaya and M'Tima!